At Gateway Science Academy, teachers make home visits in order to develop a better understanding of the needs of your child. In promoting a partnership between parents and teachers, home visits provide the means for improving students’ achievement and school performance, observing children in their home environment, and encouraging parent involvement while providing teaching services for your child, a home visit is also a good opportunity for you to get to know your child’s teacher.

The latest National Education Goals (Goals 2000: Educate America Act) encourage schools to increase their efforts to involve parents or guardians in their children’s education. Open communication between responsible, concerned adults in the home and at the school is essential to build this partnership.

As a part of our school’s mission, our teachers visit GSA families. Parents should expect a “Home Visit Folder” that includes the following:

    • Your child’s latest report card
    • Your child’s NWEA and Acuity test scores
    • Your child’s ILP plan (Individual Learning Plan is a plan that is prepared by your child’s  teachers to improve his/her academic performance)
    • Information on building reading, study and homework skills
    • Parent feedback card


We look forward to visit you and your family!

Thank you.

GSA Faculty

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