“Good afternoon, I just wanted to give you a shout out, Dr. Burk, for the amazing concerts we have gotten to attend the past 2 weeks.  4th grade was extremely impressive but the kicker was what you had done with the 3rd graders.  Ava even leaned over at one point last night during the 3rd grade concert and said “mom, these songs are so hard we should have been singing them”.  We were entertained and thoroughly impressed.  I don’t remember being excited about singing concerts growing up even though I came from a very musically inclined family, but my girls were SO EXCITED for each of their concerts, couldn’t stop talking about them or giving us sneak peaks.  Whatever you are doing with these kids, keep up the great work! The third Vanecek girl will be attending GSA next year, and she has some pipes.  Looking at getting her voice lessons. Thank you” Andi Vanecek, Ava and Addi Vanecek’s mom  

The teachers are awesome! GSA has such a fun atmosphere, with a positive emphasis on learning and safety.  I have never met a group of more caring people than the ones who dedicate their lives to teaching our children at GSA.  The whole staff really gets into the spirit of dressing up in character, which the kids love. My kids have learned so much in their time at GSA, and made great friends!  I love this school.” Laurie Adams,Parent.

“GSA is nothing short of amazing. The whole experience has been nothing short of wonderful! Great, knowledgable, truly caring staff…wow! This school has completely blown me away as a parent of 2 school age children. My kids have learned so much from going to this school and being with these teachers, I am forever thankful! “ Kristin Flanery, Parent

“GSA has really good teachers!  They know more stuff than teachers at any other school.  Our teachers let us do fun things!  We even get to do summer school with them!” Delanie Gallagher, Student

“I like GSA because I get to meet friends and teachers.  There is so much to explore when I am at school!  I have no explanation, but I just LOVE IT here!” Anna Heiple, Student

“It’s fun at GSA!  We do lots of projects that help us learn.  And most of all, I have the best teacher ever!  I just love Ms. McCann and she loves me!” Jenesis Townes, Student

“As the students here know, GSA ROCKS!  I have been a part of GSA since the beginning, before there were desks, air conditioning, parents and students.  Initially, there were 3 staff members and a principal and we worked tirelessly to make things happen!  We went door to door, telling people about Concept Schools and especially GSA.  We searched the phone book for people living in our target zip codes and called them.  We held Town Hall meetings, for few and then for many.  And that is how it began!

Three years later, GSA continues to grow!  We no longer have to tell people about us, they already know!  There is no need for recruiting, we have a waiting list!

The staff at GSA have a voice and an opinion!  This is a wonderful change for me!  My co-workers and I are able to have input when it comes to choosing curriculum and materials.  We are allowed to put the Best Practices to work every day.

My students are excited about learning!  Many ask why we have to be off on weekends and holidays.  They want the chance to learn more!

Parents at GSA are extremely supportive, going above and beyond!  I have no hesitancy to call a parent and ask for help or supplies.

The staff works well together!  We are a team, striving for the same goal!

As I said at the beginning, GSA ROCKS!” Kathie McCann, Teacher


“As the only PAWS team at GSA in Ms. McCann’s first grade class for the last 3 years, I can only say that my experiences with GSA has been excellent.  My OES, Heart and myself has always been welcomed and felt very comfortable as we  walk in the front door being greeted by the office staff, to walking down the hall and see the smiles and nods from teachers and children, to standing outside Ms. McCann’s class as the children get a glimsp of Heart waiting to begin ‘working’ with the children.

I have been able to see the progress of all of the childrens’ reading progress from the 2nd week in October, to our last visit before summer vacation. Heart (and I) have made many friends.  I feel the children who are able to attend the PAWS program at GSA will always remember the year they had a special 4 legged friend in their class for the whole school year. Thank you GSA for being open to new, exciting programs to help your children learn in a very fun way!!!!!” Val Anania and Heart”, Visitor

Gateway Science Academy is a great school. Everyone is active and participates in the school projects and activities. Constant field trips, constant testing of the kids, and teacher involvement. All the 5th grade teachers visited our home to check in. They do this with all the kids. They want to know the child’s environment, where they live, etc. My kids actually enjoy heading to school each day. I live in the city and I didn’t want to move when they started school. This school is, hands down, the best in the city.
—Submitted by a parent

We love Gateway Science Academy! My kids came from a Christian school a year and a half ago where we had bullying problems in Kindergarten and my kids were struggling to read. Since my kids have been at GSA their reading level which was below their grade levels has soared above and beyond where they need to be. They have made many new friends, we love the teachers, who respond to quickly to letters emails and phone calls if we need anything and the GSA community of parents are wonderful! We love the athletic program and after school activities. There have been a few things the school can do better but they are a new school and will continue to get better as the school grows. I also enrolled my teenager at the high school this year. He struggles with certain issues and the teachers and staff were very quick to support him and myself.
—Submitted by a parent

I have two children attending GSA and they both love it. As a parent, this school goes above and beyond my expectations. The city left us no choice with their current academic situation. We attended St.James for two years and very unhappy with the administrative staff and the teaching staff, especially in kindergarten. The community GSA promotes is second to none. My children are excelling at an enormous pace. All the teachers know my children’s names. They encourage sports with their athletic department and have free clubs for after school that are free. The staff is unbelievable and utilize excellent strategies for teaching. These teachers truly care for their students. My kids visit their old teachers and give hugs to them after school. I have not one complaint….thank you GSA for providing to my children what every child deserves and that the City of St. Louis cannot seem to provide.
—Submitted by a parent

We LOVE GSA! This is our second year there and we could not be happier with the school and all the quality of the teachers. We love that the school has a full science, PE, computer, music and art program. Our first and second grade teachers have been outstanding. The school community was very welcoming to our family.

This is a great school. I recently moved to the city and STLP schools just would not do. I found this school on the web and my first grader loves it. They have a lot of extra activities. Oh and the After School Care is wonderful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this school

I am a parent of 3 older students at GSA and they absolutely love going to school now. When they have breaks they can’t wait to go back. The teachers are excellent and the curriculum is challenging. They like learning more now than ever. The school also has a good discipline program and does not allow students to attend that are a problem. They work to fix the problem and if the parents and student do not cooperate, then the student is dismissed. Another great thing about the school is that it is a neighborhood school so the parents are involved. When the parents are involved it sure makes a difference. I can’t say enough great things about this school. We are truly lucky to have it.

Very impressed! This was our first year NOT homeschooling and the kids LOVE it! They can’t wait to go to school each morning. Teachers are awesome!