Concept Schools is a management company that reshapes the K-12 schools through the use of Concept Schools Design. Our mission is to create or help to create effective schools, where the common goal of running schools is to excel student learning through clear goals and innovative educational school designs and approaches.

Since 1999 Concept Schools grew to manage 27 charter schools in seven different states:  Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.  All the schools implement the same model, which is college prep focusing on math, science, and technology in an environment with high standards and expectations.  All of our schools reside in an urban setting, and all schools have a 100% college acceptance rate.  In our schools, populations of students who come from economically disadvantaged families vary from 60% to 99%, while 80% of their graduates are first college generations in their families.

Concept’s story is a living example of how dreams may come true. . . not only the dreams of a few Turkish American educators, but also many students, parents  and teachers who currently are a part of the Concept community.

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