GSA South Weekly Reminder

Dear Gator Parent/Guardians, 

Below are your reminders for the upcoming week. If you have any questions, contact the main office at 314-669-9000 or email or 

  1. Upcoming Events

11/19-11/26/21—–Thanksgiving Break

11/29/21—–Return to School

12/15/21—–Picture Makeups/Retakes 

12/17/21—–GSA Student Re-enrollment deadline

Happy Holidays to all our GSA Families. All of us at GSA are thankful for the opportunity to work with your kiddos and to watch them grow and progress   socially and academically.

  1. Student Re-enrollment for next school year   All families can access Concept SIS in order to re-enroll their students for next school year. The deadline for having this completed is 12/17/21. I have added the link if you need it If you have any further questions you may contact the front office for assistance.

In addition, we are also accepting applications for new enrollees as well. The deadline for the lottery selection will be 1/10/22. 

  1. The Giving Tree   Please help to support our annual event to assist those Gator families that are in need during this holiday season.
  2. Kudos to All Parents   We appreciate you partnering with us to make GSA as safe as possible by encouraging your child to follow all restroom protocols, consistently wearing their uniforms, not bringing cellphones to school, and for following appropriate technology usage while in the building. Thanks again for all of your support. 

5.Great Gator    Take a look at our Great Gators of the Week 11/15/21

Great Gator Nominees 2021-2022

  1. 6. Attendance Our daily attendance goal for this school year is 90%. Please be sure that your child is at school and on time daily to ensure reaching this goal. Numerous tardies add up to absences and adversely affect our attendance goals. Attendance Rate this Week = 91%
  2. GSA Sports are Back!! We are in the process of getting sports back in action here at GSA. Coach Riley will be leading the efforts and collaborating with the YMCA checking on dates. Basketball and soccer will be the sports that we start with and we may add others in the future. Please email Coach Riley at if you have any questions.
  3. Gator Food Pantry

Gator Pantry Request Form

  1. Fall Hoodies, Jackets, and Fleeces Hoodies are in…..Youth size(small, medium, and large) grey and green hooded sweatshirts ($20) are available for purchase. Cash or check only at the front office. 

New Arrivals  

Youth grey/Youth green fleece zip-up ($25)

Youth green long sleeve polo shirt ($20)

Adult grey 1/4 zip fleece ($40)

Adult green/grey hoodie pullovers have arrived. ($20 S-XL/$25 XXL-XXXL)


**Payments can be cash or check only at the front office. 

With Appreciation,

GSA South

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