GSA South Weekly Reminder


Dear Gator parent/guardians, 

Below are your reminders for the upcoming week. If you have any questions, contact the main office at 314-669-9000 or email or 


  1. Masks and Water Bottles It is extremely important to stay diligent about wearing masks 

          properly throughout the school day. Please continue to encourage your child to do so just 

          as all staff is here in the building. Also, if possible, please label the water bottles that your 

          child brings to school daily. There are many water bottles that are misplaced daily without    

          any way of returning them to the students.

  1. Bobo’s Fundraiser   Our Fall Fundraiser kicked off yesterday and will run through

          October 2. You should have received forms that were sent home in backpacks on 

          Thursday. This is a great way for students to help raise money for activities that take 

          place over the course of the school year.


  1. Uniform Policy  Just as a reminder, ALL students  are expected to be in uniforms 

daily(green tops, khaki bottoms). We now have long sleeve polo shirts available for purchase if your child is cold throughout the day. Students are not allowed to wear coats/jackets/hoodies in the building that do not have GSA insignia on them. They will be asked to remove any outside clothing items upon entering their classrooms each day. 

4. Great Gator  Take a look at our Great Gators of the Week 9/17/21 Great Gator Nominees 2021-2022

  1. Social Media  We as a school community at GSA ask that parents and/or guardians please support acceptable social media usage at home and at school. As always, we want GSA’s learning environment to be safe, responsible, and respectful. 
  2. Attendance  Our daily attendance goal for this school year is 93%. Please be sure that your child is at school and on time daily to ensure reaching this goal. Tardies add up to absences and adversely affect our attendance goals.                                          Attendance Rate this Week = 91.2%

7.Helpful City Links and Resources

            Pop Up City Halls


            City Rental Assistance Programs and Walk-in Clinics

  Regional Response Team Resources

            Eviction Prevention Campaign Homepage –

       Resources for Tenants –

            Information about rental assistance events, financial resources, & utility assistance.

8.Gator Food Pantry 

Gator Pantry Request Form  

9.Some Uniforms are In  GSA South students and families are now able to purchase their uniforms on site here at school. We have short and long sleeve polo shirts available. In addition, we will soon be receiving sweatshirts and hoodies. Our new vendor will be Sportsprint which is a local business since 1973. We will let you know when the  uniforms are available at the store location.

Location: Sportsprint

    6197 Bermuda Drive

    Ferguson, MO 63135

    Hours: M-F (9:00 am-5:00 pm)

    (314) 521-9000


With appreciation, 

GSA South


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